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Bring your church into the digital age with Affordable Church Websites!

YES - Your Church Can Afford A Custom Designed Website!!

Why does your church NEED a website?

Because when people are searching for a church today, they don't use the Yellow Pages anymore. They go to Google and search for a church. If your church doesn't have a website, you are missing out on the opportunity for ministry growth and reaching people for Christ.

Look at everything you get!

1) A custom header graphic that will include a picture of your church

2) Your own church domain! For example: www.yourchurchyourtown.org

3) Email addresses for the pastor, pastor's wife, and any other staff member! For example: pastor@yourchurchyourtown.org

4) Rich pages that match the theme of your site. In addition to the home page, you can choose 4 more pages from the pages on this list:

** What to Expect - This page tells visitors what they can look forward to when they visit your church**

** About Us - Give your visitors a little history about the church **

** Our Pastor - This is a photo and brief biographical sketch of the pastor **

** Our Service Times - When your church meets and what is available during the service (nursery, Jr. Church, etc.) **

** Contact Us - This page would include the church address, phone number, a form to email the church, and a script where a visitor could get directions to the church **

** Coming Events - This is a list of upcoming events at your church in addition to your regular services **

** A Photo Gallery with pictures from recent events at your church **

** What We Believe - A statement of faith from your church **

5) One year worth of website hosting (renewable by the church each year)

6) A Really Easy Web Page Editor You Can Use To Update Your Web Pages

7) You Get The Entire Site - all of the progamming. It belongs to you!

8) 48 hour turnaround from the time you supply your content!

You get it all for the unbelievable price of $200!!!

Click here for the rest of the details!

Wait! If this price is still too much or if you want to upgrade the package - click here!


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