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When you click on one of the buttons below, you will be taken to a checkout page, at which point you will be billed for the amount of the package you choose.

Upon payment, you will be directed to a page that will guide you as to what we need for content. I can not build your site until you get the content documents filled out and returned to me. Obviously, this requires some manual intervention, but we have automated it as much as possible.

I will be notified electronically that you have paid for a church website. This will help me keep an eye out for your content. If I do not have content from you within 10 days of purchase, I will contact you and remind you I am waiting.

Choose the church website package you would like:

The Church Web System Starter: $150.00

The Church Web Standard Package: $200.00

The Church Web Extra Package: $250.00

The Church Web Super Site Package: $325.00

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